Meditation in Shoreditch.

The power of your mind

developing tools for positive change | Saturday 11 May | 3.30 – 6.00pm
@ Shoreditch Town Hall | £20

with Resident Teacher of KMC London, Gen Kelsang Gomchen

“Without our mind, we are powerless to do anything. We are able to perform actions only through the power of our mind.”
– Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche

Each of us has within a resource of almost limitless potential – our own mind! Too often we look to our external world and the people in it to find happiness, solve our problems and address the injustices we see, but according to Buddha’s teachings, all of these things are determined by the mind.

By understanding our mind and practically applying Buddha’s insights into human psychology, we can come to tap into the power of our mind and move towards deep inner transformation. We will discover that we can find happiness and solve our problems simply by controlling our own mind, without having to depend upon our external circumstances or other people.
In this way we become real ‘inner beings’ and are able to respond to the external challenges we face with mental peace and a new found clarity.

Learning to let go

practical wisdom to heal the heart | Friday 7 June | 7.00 – 8.30pm
@ Shoreditch Town Hall | £10

with Resident Teacher of KMC London, Gen Kelsang Gomchen

Learn to let go of bad mental habits, heal your relationship with the past and feel more confident and hopeful about the future by contemplating Buddha’s teaching on karma and purifying the mind.

We will learn special meditations and ways of thinking that will help us to change our views and directly remove the burden of negativity that we carry in our heart.

Living fearlessly

transforming difficulties into opportunities | Sunday 21 July | 10am – 12.30pm
@ The Arc Centre, Shoreditch | £20

with International Teacher Kadam Lucy James

“If we check our mind we will see that we are living in a state of almost constant discomfort and anxiety. As soon as we stop worrying about one thing, something else starts to bother us. Our delusions give us no rest.”
– The New Meditation Handbook, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Often our fears and anxieties relate to the possibility of things going wrong, such as a project not working out, being rejected in some way or failing to live up to our ambitions. With this attitude of fear, when life inevitably throws a difficulty our way, we get overwhelmed by painful feelings, feel stuck and then worry about what will go wrong next! To break this cycle we need to develop a quality of fearlessness through learning to accept and transform whatever arises in our daily life into an opportunity for personal growth.

This inspiring talk will help us to move towards a more fearless approach to life by showing how we can integrate methods extracted from the ancient Buddhist mind-training tradition (or Lojong in Tibetan) in to busy modern life. Although taught hundreds of years ago, these teachings are even more relevant in the context of our busy distracted world, enabling us to use conditions that would make conventional spiritual practice difficult, as indispensable aids on our path to happiness.

Everybody welcome

These one-off meditation events in Shoreditch are the perfect opportunity to learn the meditation skills necessary to keep a happy mind in busy daily life.
In the workshops we will learn methods to overcome anxiety and stress, improve our relationships and make our life meaningful.

Everybody is welcome to these events and you don’t need to have any previous experience of meditation. Seating is on chairs and you don’t need to wear any special clothes or bring anything with you.