Live at KMC London

KMC London exists to bring peace and harmony to a troubled world – providing a place of peace to those who visit. Residential accommodation is currently available in KMC London’s shared house in Wimbledon, near to the Morden Temple for World Peace.

By living at the centre, you have the opportunity to contribute directly by volunteering your time to keep it functioning for the many people who visit each year. This is done by helping out in the Morden Temple and Kensington Commercial space, as well as with branch classes and many other activities. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and learn about meditation. Also, as so many different skills are needed to keep a centre like KMC London running – from publicity design to cooking, reception, building work and gardening – you have a fantastic opportunity to learn many new things.

Study programmes
As a well-established KMC, a variety of different study and meditation programmes are available in Modern Buddhism. There are three study programmes to choose from:

  • General Programme (drop-in meditation classes in the Morden Temple, Kensington or at branches)
  • Foundation Programme (enrollment course in the Morden Temple or in Kensington)
  • Teacher Training Programme (enrollment course in the Morden Temple)

All these courses enable you to further deepen your understanding and experience of Kadampa Buddhism.

Living at KMC London is the perfect opportunity to get involved in all of these activities, and show the example of putting Modern Buddhism into practice.

Rooms vary from small to large, and share a kitchen and bathroom.

All rooms have central heating. Sorry, no pets, and to maintain peace and tranquility there is no TV, smoking, alcohol or drugs, loud music, meat or fish.

Want more information?
If you are considering moving to KMC London, we suggest you join in on a volunteering visit and see what’s it’s like to be part of the centre. Email for more information.

Another way to stay
Kadampa students from abroad are also welcome to apply for short-term (2-6 months) residency. Complete the application form below and let us know which centre you are from.