Meditation in London.

Kadampa Meditation Centre London offers a multitude of varied and inspiring classes that allow you to learn meditation, bring real meaning to your life and access the timeless wisdom of Buddha’s teachings.

By attending the meditation classes & events at KMC London you will learn powerful methods to overcome stress and anxiety, improve your relationships and bring benefit to a troubled world.

Weekly Classes for Everyone

Designed to help you gain control over your mind and integrate positive ways of thinking into the course of your everyday life. Including feature classes with Buddhist monk, Gen Kelsang Gomchen

Courses & Retreats

For every level, offering practical solutions to the problems faced by people in the modern world based on a special presentation of Buddha’s teachings.

Peaceful Places

Each stunning space has a meditation room with a qualified Kadampa Buddhist shrine, shop & relaxation area. Refreshments are available.

Everyone Welcome .

Kadampa Meditation Centre London welcomes people from all walks of life from those simply curious about meditation, to those wishing to follow an authentic spiritual path. Classes and courses are designed to be open and accessible, with specific programmes for those wishing to go deeper.

Meditation is becoming increasingly recognized as an effective means to reduce stress and improve our quality of life, however it also has much deeper and far-reaching benefits that have been understood by Buddhist practitioners for thousands of years. Our classes and events make these timeless trainings accessible to everyone regardless of background or belief.

Find a spiritual path
Gain control over thoughts
Take Time Out
Meet Like Minded People
Be Inspired

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