Meditations for a Happy Life | Wednesday Morning | 10 – 11am


These engaging morning classes offer an opportunity to train in meditation and mindfulness from the perspective in which these trainings were originally taught. Though derived from Buddha’s teachings, the instructions are suitable for everyone and provide special ways of thinking that are particularly relevant to the lives of modern people.


Each class will be based on one of twenty-one objects of meditation that form the core of the stages of the path to enlightenment or Lamrim in Tibetan. This is a special, practical presentation of Buddha’s teaching founded by the ancient Kadampa master, Atisha.


The class will begin with a simple breathing meditation to settle the mind. This will be followed by a practical teaching based on the New Meditation Handbook exploring the object of meditation for that week. Then there is an opportunity to take the teaching to heart through contemplative meditation.


The class concludes with an opportunity to ask questions and takeaway advice on how to engage in the meditation at home and integrate the insights gained into busy daily life.

Fees: Drop-in class, no need to book, £7 per class.  Included in KMC London membership.


Susan Tait
Susan Tait

Susan is a sincere practitioner of Kadampa Buddhism who studies on the teacher training programme. She has taught meditation and Buddhism for many years throughout various meditation centres in both the UK and US. She is known for her ability to connect with people from all walks of life and transmit Buddhas teachings in a way that is directly relatable to the lives and minds of modern people.

VENUE: KMC London, 1A Ashridge Way, Morden, London SM4 4EF

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What people are saying

“Wonderful place to learn meditation and Buddhism. Highly recommend it!”
March 2015
“I always leave more peaceful. Thank you.”
Oct 2015
“Tonight was such an inspiration. Thank you”
Oct 2015
“First visited the centre for a learn to meditate course. A real haven from the busy streets of London with a lovely, friendly people and excellent teachings that you can apply to daily life. Buddhism for the modern era. Highly recommended”
May 2013
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