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Peace in the heart, or inner peace, depends on meditation, which is a special method to pacify our unpeaceful and negative states of mind and replace them with peaceful, positive states of mind.

All events at the Temple are open to everyone and include practical courses such as how to use meditation to solve our anger problem, which lies at the root of many family problems. This activity is completely peaceful and joyful and is very important as protection against future suffering.

Everyone is welcome to the Temple for World Peace. With its magnificent statues, tranquil atmosphere and modern Buddhist bookstore and library it  is a perfect destination for anyone seeking peace, relaxation and inspiration.

1A Ashridge Way, Morden, London, SM4 4EF

Class Timetable.

Monday Temple Closed
  30-Minute Meditation Class 12:30-1pm Emily Wilkins
  Wishfulfilling Jewel – Chanted Practice 5-6:15pm Gen Gomchen
Feature class with Gen Kelsang Gomchen


7 – 8:30pm Gen Gomchen
  Meditations for a Happy Life Class 10 – 11 Susan Tait
30-Minute Meditation Class 12:30-1pm Susan Tait
Wishfulfilling Jewel – Chanted Practice 5-6:15pm  
Learn to Meditate


7 – 8pm Anzhelina Yordanova
  30-Minute Meditation Class 12:30-1pm Kelsang Drolkar
Wishfulfilling Jewel – Chanted Practice with Tsog Offering 5-6:15pm Gen Gomchen
Foundation Programme – (enrolment required) 7:15 – 9:15pm Gen Gomchen
  30-Minute Meditation Class 12:30 – 1pm Sheila Antonowicz
  Wishfulfilling Jewel – Chanted Practice 3.30 – 4.45pm
  See Events & Retreats Below
  Prayers for World Peace 

*See page/ calendar for dates

11am – 12:15pm Jan Jemson
  Meditation for Children (bi-monthly)

*See page/calendar for dates

2 -3pm Jan Jemson & Anika


  TTP 1 – (enrolment required) 4-6pm Gen Gomchen
  TTP 2 – (enrolment required) 6:45 – 8:30pm Gen Gomchen


Courses in June 2018

Freedom from Fear & Anxiety

Saturday 2 June | Half Day Course 10am – 1pm

with Sheila Antonowicz

Advice from the Heart

Commentary to Advice from Atisha’s Heart

Friday 15 – Sunday 17 June | Special Weekend Event

with Gen Kelsang Gomchen

Shrine, Offerings & Rituals Explained

Saturday 30 June | Half Day Course 10am – 1pm


Courses in July 2018

Overcoming Stress & Frustration

Saturday 7 July | Half Day Course 10am – 1pm

with Albert Stoykov

The Power of the Mind

Saturday 14 July | Half Day Course 10am – 1pm

with Kadam Lucy James