Overcoming the Ego | Saturday 13 May, 10am-1pm | with Gen Kelsang Gomchen

“If your mind is released permanently from self-grasping, there is no doubt that you will be released permanently from suffering.”
~ Mahasiddha Saraha

Receive powerful teachings on how we can learn to recognize, reduce and eventually abandon the mind of ego-grasping that is the source of all of our daily problems.

Although the subject matter is quite deep, the emphasis of this morning course will be on how to practically apply Buddha’s teachings on overcoming self-grasping and self-cherishing to find peace in our daily life, to improve our relationships with others and eventually become a Hero or Heroine: someone who has become utterly victorious over their inner enemies of pride and self-concern.

The teachings will be based principally on the book, How to Transform Your Life, by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, which presents a complete set of instructions on how to transcend our ordinary attitudes and develop a powerful mind with which we can bring immense benefit to others.

Everyone welcome.  No previous experience necessary.


£20, free for KMC London Members

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About the teacher

The Principal Teacher at KMC London is Gen Kelsang Gomchen

Gen Kelsang Gomchen is a qualified Kadampa practitioner and teacher of Kadampa Buddhism.  He has received extensive teaching of both Sutra and Tantra including the empowerments of Highest Yoga Tantra from Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche.  He has completed an intensive Special Teacher Training Programme with our General Spiritual Director, Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong, and engaged sincerely in meditation retreats on both Sutra and Tantra.  He is known for his ability to inspire others through sincere practice and to present the deeper meanings of Venerable-Geshe-la’s books in a way that is practical and relevant to all who listen.  He has taught extensively throughout the UK and recently Venerable Geshe-la requested him to teach at KMC London in both the Temple and the new commercial space in Kensington.

VENUE: KMC London, 1A Ashridge Way, Morden, London SM4 4EF

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What people are saying

“Wonderful place to learn meditation and Buddhism. Highly recommend it!”
March 2015
“I always leave more peaceful. Thank you.”
Oct 2015
“Tonight was such an inspiration. Thank you”
Oct 2015
“First visited the centre for a learn to meditate course. A real haven from the busy streets of London with a lovely, friendly people and excellent teachings that you can apply to daily life. Buddhism for the modern era. Highly recommended”
May 2013