Stress FREE Living | Tuesday Evening | 7:30 – 9pm


Stress and frustration are common experiences in modern life. These painful states of mind can easily arise when we encounter challenging situations and difficult people. If stress is not recognised early on it becomes a poison that destroys our happiness and can interfere with our relationships. This revealing course will introduce several methods for recognising, reducing and finally removing this negative habit from our mind, helping us to experience the peace and freedom that we all long for.

19th Sept – What is our problem?

This class will explore the real nature of our problems and address the underlying causes of stress and frustration.

26th Sept – Managing stressful situations

Discover how to train in overcoming stress when faced with challenging situations.

3rd Oct – Dealing with difficult people

Practical advice on how to control our mind when faced with people we find challenging.

10th October – No class due to International Fall Festival in Germany

17th October – This class will look at how we can maintain a peaceful stress free mind through the force of mindfulness.

Fees: Drop-in class, no need to book, £10 per class.  Special online price £30 for the 4- week series. Included in KMC London membership.

Mindful Living | Tuesday Evening | 7:30 – 9pm


Training in mindfulness and meditation have been understood by Buddhist practitioners for centuries to be the key to a happy and fulfilling life. These practices are not confined to when we are sitting down, but can be integrated into every aspect of our life – becoming the foundation for everything we think, say and do.

Contrary to what many people believe, mindfulness training is not simply about “being in the moment”, but was originally taught as a process of training to remember special ways of thinking that form the basis of pure and beneficial thoughts and actions. This 4-week course will provide a traditional but accessible presentation of mindfulness training, exploring three core practices derived from Buddha’s teachings that can transform our daily living into a path to pure peace and happiness.

24th Oct – Introduction to Mindful Living

This class will introduce what mindfulness is and how we can start to integrate it into our daily life.

31st Oct – Authentic Generosity

Giving or generosity is a powerful and beneficial habit that we can easily integrate into our daily interactions with others. This does not mean simply giving materially, but cultivating a genuine attitude of generosity that leads to an experience of inner wealth and fulfilment.

7th Nov – Mindfulness & Self-Control

The practice of being able to control one’s own body, speech and mind is an essential foundation for a happy life and a successful meditation practice. This class will make the pure disciplines taught by Buddha accessible to the modern practitioner and provide practical tools to help us kick our bad habits.

14th Nov – A Fresh Approach to Problems

Learn a fresh approach to the challenges we face in our everyday lives and cultivate a mind that is as strong as a mountain and as calm as the depths of an ocean.

Fees: Drop-in class, no need to book, £10 per class.  Special online price £30 for the 4- week series. Included in KMC London membership.

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 Tuesday evenings 7.30-9pm, with Ljubica Aaen

Teacher Ljubica Aaen

Buddhist Teacher Ljubica Aaen

Ljubica Aaen

LJ has been practising Kadam Dharma for 7 years. She is a mother and an electrical engineer and lives in Guildford with her family. She has lived in the UK, US, Canada and Serbia. LJ is studying on the Special Teacher Training Programme at KMC London.


The Guildford Institute, Ward Street, Guildford, Surrey GU1 4LH