These classes present practical meditations that help us solve the problems of daily life and find a deep inner peace and contentment that remains with us out of meditation. Each class consists of two guided meditations and an explanatory talk. The classes run for 90 minutes.

Anyone can practise meditation and everyone is welcome to attend. There is no physical exercise involved and you can choose to sit either in a chair or on a cushion.

These classes are suitable for all levels of experience.

Just drop into any class of your choice, or book in advance to receive discounted rates.

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Classes in September and October

Solving life’s problems with meditation

Through meditation we can enjoy life to the full – even when things go wrong. These classes explore the origins of our problems in our mental attitudes and show how we can change these attitudes and thereby improve the quality of our life through meditation.

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Classes in November and December

life without conflict

Whether in our personal relationships, our work environment or society at large, conflict and disharmony destroy our peace and happiness and make it difficult to make real  progress. These classes teach ways to improve the ways we relate to each other and create a society based on mutual respect.