Gen Kelsang Gomchen has been invited to lead the following courses and retreats:

KMC Nederlands

Post Summer Festival Retreat 2017
7 - 13 August 2017

The purpose of this retreat is to gain deeper insight, experience and realization of the teachings presented in the new book
“How to Transform Your Life” that will be transmitted during the NKT-IKBU Summer Festival 2017 in the UK. Through engaging in this retreat we can bring the teachings deeper into our heart so that our life will actually begin to transform and we can then share this profound experience with others.

The retreat will include some explanatory guidance, plenty of space for silent, contemplation and meditation as well as an opportunity to ask questions and share insights with other spiritual practitioners. The retreat will take place within the tranquil setting of KMC Netherlands. Previously also Hotel Kadampa Holland. The centre offers comfortable accommodation with en-suite facilities and is the perfect place to engage in retreat.

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Kailash International Retreat Centre

Beyond Fearlessness – Emptiness Retreat
18–25 November 2017

All of our fears, discontent, and anxiety can be traced to a distorted, exaggerated view of ourselves, others and the world. Buddha’s teaching on emptiness, the dream-like nature of phenomena, teach us how to abandon useless worries, gradually replace them with more confidence and finally enjoy supreme inner peace.

The retreat starts on the first day with supper at 6pm followed by the introduction at 8.15pm and finishes on the last day with lunch. There will be several meditation sessions and one teaching/discussion session every day as well as a session with chanted prayers. During break times each participant helps with small jobs and there is plenty of time to go for walks and discuss the topics with other practitioners.

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