• How to be Happy through Meditation

The Pursuit of Happiness

Everybody wants to be happy and we look for it in every area of our life – at work, in our relationships, our hobbies and so forth. However, in our pursuit for happiness many people find just the opposite: we feel unhappy, depressed or simply lack self-esteem. Sometimes it feels like we’ve done everything right: we’ve got the job, success, car house, money, family and yet these things did not bring the happiness we thought they would. We are left questioning:

  • Why am I so sad and unhappy?
  • Why do these things not make me feel better in the long run?

Buddha’s answer to all these questions is very simple: we are looking in the wrong place!

The contemporary meditation master, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche says,

Happiness and suffering are states of mind so their main causes cannot be found outside the mind. Therefore, if we really want to be truly happy and free from suffering we must learn how to control our mind.” 

Until now we have tried to find happiness by constantly changing our external situation- we change partner or job, try to look good, achieve success but the good feelings never last and with these attainments come many things we don’t want. Buddha’s teachings tell us: if we want authentic lasting happiness, then rather than depending upon changing external conditions, you must learn to make yourself happy through establishing peace within your own mind.

Learn to Meditate

Learn to Meditate | Half-day Course with Susan Tait

Saturday 14 July | 10am – 1pm

  • Where can we find happiness?

Find happiness from within

By training in meditation and then integrating the positive thoughts we’ve cultivated into our everyday life through the power of mindfulness.

The benefits of meditation are innumerable. It is not, as some would believe, about blanking the mind, but about gaining control over our mind and cultivating positive ways of thinking that lead to a state of real happiness.

Meditation is defined as an action of mind whose nature is single pointed concentration and whose function is to make the mind calm and peaceful. When our mind is peaceful, we are happy. If our mind is not peaceful, we are not happy even if we find our self in the best external conditions. This proves that if maintain a peaceful mind all the time through meditation, we can be happy all the time!

The Power of the Mind

How we create and can transform our reality

Half-day course in Morden | Sat July 14, 10am – 1pm with Kadam Lucy James

How to Meditate

Why Meditate?

Thursday 21 June | 7 – 8:30pm

Special public talk in Kensington with renowned international Buddhist Meditation Teacher Kadam Bridget Heyes

This engaging public talk with international meditation teacher, Kadam Bridget Heyes will explore some of the many benefits adopting a regular meditation practice can have on our everyday lives.

What is meditation?

The Tibetan word for meditation is ‘gom’ which literally translates as ‘to familiarize’- thus to meditate is to familiarize our mind with positive or meaningful objects. In this context meaningful objects, means an object of knowledge that through understanding it we bring great meaning to our life.

There are many objects of meditation that act as opponents to many unhappy thoughts and bad habits of mind. For example, meditation on patience and love overcome our tendency towards anger; meditation on the kindness of others helps us to cultivate gratitude and prevents critical thoughts; rejoicing in others’ happiness opposes our jealousy and so forth.

However, to begin with we can start by taking the breath as our object of meditation, which is quite simple but brings many benefits.

For more information on how to meditate please see:

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