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    South London Temple

Really enjoyed my retreat style course on mindfulness meditation was great how it was all broken down and practiced and then we all had a chance to ask questions to make sure we all went away knowing how now to meditate. lovely place really warm and inviting

JackieRetreat Attendee

Events & Retreats in September 2018

Learn to Meditate

Sat 8 September | Half Day Course 10am – 1pm

Ultimate Freedom from Suffering

Empowerment of White Tara and teachings on how to achieve our full potential

Sat 15 (10am – 4pm) & Sun 16 September (10am – 1pm)

Special Weekend Event

with Gen Kelsang Gomchen

Overcoming Stress & Worry

Sat 29 September | Half Day Course – 10am – 1pm

with Susan Tait

Events & Retreats in October 2018


Purifying Negativity

The Practice of the 35 Confession Buddhas

Sat 13 October| Day Course 10am – 4.30pm

with Gen Kelsang Gomchen

Building Self-Confidence

Sat 27 October | Half Day Course 10am – 1pm

with Susan Tait

Events & Retreats in November 2018

Learn to Meditate

Sat 3 November| Half-day Course 10am – 1pm

Letting Go of the Past

Sat 17 November | Half-day Course 10am – 1pm

with Gen Kelsang Gomchen

Events & Retreats in December 2018


A Practice of Compassion for the Deceased

Sat 8 December| Special Day Course 10am – 4:30pm

with Gen Kelsang Gomchen

Peace is Possible

Sun 16 December | Special Prayers for  World Peace Class 11am – 12:15pm

with Gen Kelsang Gomchen

New Year’s Eve Event

Mon 31 December | Special Event 8pm – 12:30am

with Gen Kelsang Gomchen